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We intermediate the purchase of polished diamonds for jewellery or investment diamond at a low, unsurpassed price directly from the Antwerp diamond bourse. Supplier delivers and sells diamonds on three continents. We only offer diamonds with an international certificate. The price of diamonds is based on the international diamond price list(I can send it to you). Diamonds are characterised by hardness and light dispersion, so they‘re very popular in jewellery. For proper selection, look at 4C diamond parameters and symmetry, shine, fluorescence... All values affect final price and beauty. Each diamond is unique and diamonds are an ideal investment for its constantly rising prices. The initial price is very important especially for investment diamonds, because if you buy overcharged diamond, the return-ability is low or even zero. Gemmological laboratories are responsible for the evaluation and measurement of diamond properties, which then issue a certificate for them. You know exactly what you‘re buying, because all diamonds are:

  • Certified - with an internationally recognised certificate (GIA, IGI, HRD)
  • Sealed - in plastic packaging
  • Laserscribe - laser burnt certificate number on the side of the diamond


Our offer

We offer certified polished diamonds.

Choose a diamond by parameters or by the price you‘re willing to invest. We‘ll try to find the best option and send you the offer. If you make a custom ring and insert a diamond from us, you‘ll save a lot of money. If you buy a finished ring from a jewellery store, it will definitely be overpriced and the diamond will be a lower quality, e.g. the 0.5ct ring will cost you around €2,800 at the jewellers, while the diamond is worth €1,300 and the price of gold with the work is €200-300. So you save over € 1,000.

We sell diamonds at wholesale prices. Our price is consistent with the current international diamond stock price list. We sell diamonds from 0.3ct and higher. All diamonds are at the supplier's disposal and are in their possession.

Clarity divide into 11 degrees: FL-Flawless, IF-Internally Flawless, VVS1 a VVS2-Very Very Slightly Included, VS1 a VS2-Very Slightly Included, SI1 a SI2-Slightly Included, I1, I2 a I3-Included.

Color divides on DEF colorless, GHIJ near colorless, KLM faint, NOPQR very light and STUVWXYZ light

Cut, polish and symmetry are evaluated as Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor a Unusual.

Fluorescence has 7 degrees: None, Very Slight, Faint, Slight, Medium, Strong a Very Strong.

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Polished diamonds are a safe investment and isn‘t subject to inflation!!

If you already know what diamond you would like or how much money you want to invest, we‘re willing to advise you.

We deliver diamonds within 4-7 days

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